Get the most out of your sessions

Before Your Session Starts


Find a quiet space and chunk of time where you can focus and won’t be distracted.

Be on Time

Pick where your coaching session is via phone or video and be ready on time.

Set Intentions

Get clear on your one most important issue to focus on. Know your goals and be transparent with your coach.


Take ownership of your time. Come ready with notes on what you want to cover.

During Your Session

Be Open and Honest

Your coach must understand your needs to help you. Share what you want to get out of career coaching. Practicing transparency and integrity in your sessions will go a long way in helping your coach help you. .

Act on Feedback

Feel free to vent to your coach, but be prepared to turn your frustration into action. If you’re ready to adapt, willing to overcome assumptions, and committed to taking steps towards your career goals, the sky is your limit!

Do the Work

An athlete does not win by simply having conversations with their coach. Career coaching is no different. Your results will depend on your effort. Be on time, be present, and put the tools your coach provides into action.

After Your Session


After each coaching session, you will be prompted to fill our a brief and optional feedback form about the experience. You can share this feedback with your coach and leave them a public review if you’d like or you can share it only with internal HireClub staff.

Providing us with feedback helps us better understand the impact of coaching, what we could improve on, and how well matched you’re with your coach, among other things.

To see reviews that other clients have shared, click here:

Remember to Reach Out

Schedule calls at least once a week. Your coach can only help you if you reach out. You can also text your coach between calls to send updates and get support.