How Does Messaging With My Coach Work?

For security reasons, it’s important that all messages between coaches and clients need to be done on the HireClub platform. Please do not share your personal phone number or email address with your coach or have sessions on other video call platforms.


Messaging is a great way to ask a quick question, check in with or update your coach between sessions. Messages should be a short back and forth between you and your coach, not a deep dive about your situation. A good general rule is, if your message is more than 5 sentences, schedule a call with your coach. HireClub coaches DO NOT provide text based coaching

How It Works

When you first create your HireClub account, we assign you a secure phone number that can be used for phone sessions and messaging with your coach.

If you text this number from your phone or send a message from the HireClub platform, your coach will get email and text message alerts and vice versa. You can also respond via text message, rather than logging in and responding on the session page.

We encourage coaches to respond to messages within 24 hours if possible.

Why do I see Ketan in my message thread with my coach?

Don’t worry, that’s actually a Ketan bot, not Ketan himself. We’ll be changing the name of the bot in the near future to clear up any confusion around this, but KetanBot is just there to notify you about any alerts or messages you get on the platform.